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Maureen Burke
Senior Account Director

"Nth Degree's program management team works hard to stay on the pulse of the ever-changing healthcare industry so that we can help our clients develop creative programs that maximize interactions before, during and after the conventions."

Maureen’s key expertise is in developing overall strategies for trade show, convention and event programs, specializing in the Healthcare field. Her approach is to understand the client’s culture and marketing objectives and then create and implement customized programs to meet qualitative and quantitative client goals. Maureen has led and managed a variety of client programs including Polycom, Hospira Worldwide, Novartis, Alcatel, Pfizer/Parke-Davis, HP, and Colgate-Palmolive. She manages more than 250 convention and trade show projects annually with her team and has been a speaker at events like HCEA and Exhibitor Show.

Maureen in 25 Words...

Resourceful. Solutions-driven. High-level thinker. Strategic planner. Devoted team player. Multi-tasker. Quiet leader. Sarcastic yet sincere. Connection maker. Family-oriented. Avid runner.